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Wall 2 Wall Border Collies
Nell  CBCA  8370 
April 23rd, 2010 to October 27th, 2021  

Nell came to us in 2010 from Bruce Smart,  a daughter of his Link  and Missy.   (ONTARIO, Canada) Link was an outstanding trial dog in his own right and still working full time in his old age, with no health issues.  Sadly, due to complications from dental surgery in 2018 which caused Nell to have a stroke, she was laid to rest on October 27th, 2021 and is sadly missed by all of us.  She is no longer in pain and can chase the ball as much as she wants while she waits for us to join her in a better place where no one feels the pain of old age and weary joints...  

 Wall 2 Wall Nell 

Nell can be traced back to 3 time  US National champion, Berhow's Nick.

Nell can manage calves although she has not been trained extensively (due to the timing of our health issues) She is a very smart little dog with a quiet disposition,  she can problem solve on her own and is able to figure out things such as how to unlock doors or latches, is easily trained for common behaviors and does not take a lot of instruction to follow routine, once she knows what you want.  Nell can think things out on her own and understands the feel of how animals move around her, and is quite intuitive.

She has a nice balance and reads her stock, looking for how they behave and interpret their intentions. She is not afraid to bring you the neighbors cows if she has the opportunity to slip the fence, but also obedient enough that she remembers where she is not allowed to go into areas, to the point that she will stop her daughter from going after animals she has been told to leave alone a few times.  Skeet only had to tell her once that they were to leave the chickens (her first encounter) alone, for her to obey the rules.  She has a good vocabulary understanding and very nice manners.  She is a good mother and very pleasant with other animals such as our cats or kittens.  She is very highly bonded and passes this trait on to her offspring.  Nell is also very good with children, especially the very young and does not get overly pushy or have her face into theirs, often sitting and turning her back and lowering her head near them to be more gentle.  She does not jump on you or roll over to put her feet in your face, but lays or sits nicely beside you.

Nell's latest litter arrived on August 4th, 2018,   Please see this YouTube link for videos of Nell:

For more pictures, please check on the "recent pups" or the "brag page" for some older pups accomplishments. Please continue to come back as we reload these onto the new website.  Thank you for your patience with this work in progress.

About us
Where we came from: Raising Border Collies of exquisite 
breeding from champion working lines. 
Preservation Breeding to maintain a part of our 
National Heritage through our dogs.
Where we are going: Border Collie Female from our dedicaed lines, 
bred to a Miniature Poodle for the perfect pet for todays active family.
Our companion project: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies from dedicated lines for 
Preservation Breeding to maintain a part of our National Heritage though our dogs.
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Wall 2 Wall Border Collies & Mini BorDoodles
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Wall 2 Wall Mini BorDoodles
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