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Apartment Kitties
Updated photos added August 10th, 2022
Apartment Kittens are Fun,Entertaining,Smart,Lovable,Cuddly,Purrrrfect,Puff-Balls, and great for small spaces!
May 2022 Kittens from Catastrophe (*Aster)

Spring 2022 Female Kittens from Titten 
Dilute Calico

Kittens of apartment size for life!
Staying the right size for small living spaces...
having the nature of a kitten for a space not big enough for the
larger cats...    and having the loving nature of the
little kitten and intelligence for learning the rules of the house.
American Short Hair - from a family of very petite Calico felines.

$60.oo each.

~~~~~~~ Here Now, Stay Posted, Kittens Available Now, Keep Watching for, New Kittens ~~~~~~~
~=~=~= Current Litters Fall, 2022 =~=~=~
Check back often for updates on which kittens are available
delivery will be arranged for approximately November7th, 2022
 Kittens born to LucyFur & Titten 
 Female Kittens from LucyFur 
 $60 each  
 Female Kittens from Titten 

Persian - Siamese  Kittens
Staying the right size for small living spaces...
Very interactive Pair much like their mother.  These kittens love to converse! 
One male and one female in this first litter for our newest addition to the family.

$100.oo each.

 Kittens from Catastrophe 
~=~=~= Next Litters expected early Fall 2022 =~=~=~
October arrivals delivered about Nov7th 2022
Click Photo to Access YouTube Videos of 2021 Kittens

~~~ Click Photo for YouTube Link to Videos of Kittens ~~~
Titty with her kittens from 2019
These kittens are all in their new homes, please see above for
current offerings from Wall 2 Wall Apartment Kitties.  

These kittens are all sold.

Titty = Always thought she was Roality

Types Of Cats
What Is a Diluted Calico Cat?
By:     Carlye Jones

A calico cat has vivid colors; a dilute has the same hues but less intense.  
A dilute calico kitty could be described as a white cat that decided to play around in watercolor paints instead of in bright oil paints. However, those splotches of blue and cream come from some pretty complicated genetics.
Calico is both a color and a pattern, but it is not a breed of cat. Many breeds and mixed breed cats can be calico, such as the American shorthair, American longhair, Manx, Japanese bobtail, Cornish Rex, Maine coon and Persian, to name just a few of the more popular breeds. A true calico cat not only has three different colors on its coat; one of the "colors" must be white, and the colors must appear in spots or patches, not closely intermingled with each other.

"Dilute" simply means the color is less intense. For example, cream is the dilute version of red,
and blue is the dilute version of black. Cream is a soft reddish color, like strawberry blond, and blue is a smoky gray color. Other dilute colors include lilac, which looks like a lighter version of blue but is actually the dilute of chocolate; and fawn, which appears beige and is the dilute of cinnamon.  

It takes a complex and confusing combination of genetic markers to create a dilute calico cat. The short explanation is that a dilute calico must inherit three specific genes: a mosaic gene that allows two basic colors to be expressed instead of only one; the dilute markers of the two basic colors; and a white spotting gene that causes parts of the coat to be white. Only when all of these markers are present can a cat be a dilute calico. Because basic or dense colors are dominant, most calico cats' coloring is dense instead of dilute, even if they carry dilute genes. It takes the expression of the recessive dilute genes to create a dilute calico. 

Color Combinations
Even though a calico is described as having three colors, only certain color combinations are truly calico. For dense calico cats the combinations are white, black and red, sometimes referred to as orange; white, chocolate and red; or white, cinnamon and red. Along those same lines, dilute calico cats must be the dilute versions of their densely colored counterparts, such as white, blue and cream; white, lilac and cream; or white, fawn and cream.  

Tortoiseshell and Patched Tabby
Sometimes calico cats are called torts or tortoiseshell, but there really is a difference in the coloring. Tortoiseshell cats have very little white; the white usually appears only as small spots on the face, paws or chest. Also, the red and black do not appear in distinct patches, but are intermingled in a brindle-type pattern. A patched tabby is a calico cat with the distinct tabby stripes within the black and orange patches.  


      Apartment Kittens are genetically small cats.  The family has all small females, and any males I have held back over the years also stayed small.  They continue to be playful and loving throughout their lives.  Even continuing to exhibit the "fluffing" done by kittens to cause milk let-down in mothers, so prepare to be fluffed as part of their cuddling behaviour.  Being small they love to have baskets to curl up in.  USUALLY between 8 & 9 inches long and 6 to 7 inches tall, weighing approximately 7 to 9 lbs, they come in all colors, but our family has many calico patterns, including the dilute calico, the dark calico and a beautiful tortoise-shell.


Here are LucyFur's kittens who were from October 2019.

Perfect Gift for that special friend!
{Special discount all 10 kittens for $475}


Photos from kittens' homes ...  


LucyFur's kittens born August 4th, 2020

Please fill out the contact page, here on our website, so that YOU WILL have my proper NoT ScRaMbLeD email  for your records and so that I can map out my delivery route and notify each person when about I should be reaching them, remembering that I am carrying living things who need to have proper care and attention in a very cold month.  I do not want to be sitting in the cold with them some where waiting.  So to make this as streamlined as possible I will try to adjust for each person's time restraints to have the delivery when it is as convient as possible with in the limits of my trip.  
Filling out the contact page will also provide you with the actual response from me... not just a kijiji link... so that you can check out the REAL PERSON and know that you are not being scammed and are able to actually meet me... It will also provide you with a response with the address where you can safely make a deposit for the kitten of your choice.

Thank you for your interest in our Apartment Kitties!  If you do not see one that is exactly to your specifications, please keep checking back for availability later.  We welcome your referals to our site as well!  Please tell your friends, Like our videos on YouTube and Facebook, and visit our website often for more fun with our critters! We enjoy sharing our play time with you as well as having you share with us your photos and videos.

Kittens do not have any shots, nor are they neutered or spayed. 
We can not guarantee the adult size of any kitten.
They come with a health guarantee that they are free of any health issues at time of purchase and if there is any issue found within 60 days, documented by a Vetrinarian letter, we will replace the kitten for another kitten from a litter of our choosing, with the return of current kitten (all transportation expenses are the purchaser's responsibility) No vetrinarian fees for any services will be covered by Wall 2 Wall Apartment Kitties.  
LucyFur's 2019 kittens  :)
~Please check below for available kittens 

These kittens are sold thank you: 


Other older KITTEN AVAILABLE IS TITTEN, their mother,  pictured in the basket.

Available for $50.oo,  Fully litter trained,  very affecationate, stays near home, comes when called! Comfortable being kenneled at night.  Very talkative when she is cuddling.  Happy with dogs and plays freely with the pups here.  Is a good mouser.  [will go after birds and squirels with out the bell she wears currently]

Female Calico available for new forever home
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Where we are going: Border Collie Female from our dedicaed lines, 
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