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Wall2Wall BeeJay's Mini~BorDoodles

New Mini BorDoodle Litter
expected Christmas Eve of 2021

~~  Minature Poodle  ~~  father~~
 Wall2Wall BeeJay's.... Mini BorDoodles 

Welcome to my new adventure! 
Here at Wall 2 Wall Border Collies,
I try to provide the best in companions
for the families that come to me and understanding
the needs of the people I serve,
I have chosen to expand into the world of

Mini BorDoodles. 

We have taken this step for two reasons:  Continued below:


The Cost for a Mini BorDoodle is Cdn $2750.oo    
which includes first vaccinations, microchip,
Birth Certificate & Vet Certificatation.


BeeJay's Mini BorDoodles
These pups will be in the medium to medium-small range for size and weight.  I estimate at approximately 12 to 15 inches at the shoulder and in the 20 to 35 lb range... but this may vary greatly and only after more than 20 similar pups have grown to adulthood would I be able to assess at a greater degree of accuracy, and then all of those pups would have to come from these specific parents.  Food, as well as exercise, and general activity can affect weight greatly, as can general living conditions change early developmental growth to sunt or improve growth & development. Even in purbred registered dogs there is a great deal of variation in size, and with the Border Collie, this is truer than most as they are not bred for a size or weight or apperance but are bred for their behavior, intelligence and resiliance.  So if you absolutely need a dog to fit your handbag, this is not the dog for you.  He is not a fashion accessory but a treasured member of the family, no matter the finished size.  What I am offering is the most lovable bundle of fun your life could possibly hold.  If this meets your requirements, then forge ahead into your next adventure in life, and the possibility of a whole world of fun and love!

Click the button above for videos of the Mini BorDoodle pups as they grow.  The second button takes you from the beginning to the present,  The first button goes from the most recent backwards to the beginning.  Please check out the other litters of pups to have a clear view of what we do here are Wall 2 Wall Border Collies & Mini-Bordoodles.

Litter ONE at home Harley & Nova  
Our first two Mini BorDoodle pups! Harley & Nova
Litter Two 

I just wanted to put a note here that on doing a lot of research online on general websites for dog breeds that the description of the dogs for size and attributes does not actually give a true description for most breeds.  Especially both the Border Collie and the Toy Poodle.  First the Toy Poodle size and weight do not match with the general size and weight of those I have currently met in person, with them being in the 20 to 30 lb range and approximately in the 12 inch heigh range.  Also I think a lot of people think the dog height is at the top of the head not the shoulder of the dog.  I do not know a lot of chiwawa's who are less than 10 lbs! 

With the Border Collie, they are very mistaken on behavior attributes, perhaps for the general non=registered working dogs, as that breeding is mostly done in the non-instinct led breeding groups.  Those are the border collies that are tearing up people's homes now and can not stop doing compulsive activities.  I see this on line, with photo after photo of OCD dogs twirling in circles... this is a learned behavior!  You have encouraged a neurotic activitiy in your dog!

My lines are not OCD dogs, and have what is called an off switch.  This means they can rest quietly when it is not work or play time, without going crazy.  This is the expected behavior of a Border Collie.  Patience is required when working stock, and that patience is what provides you with a cherished companion instead of a terror in your home!    I have never had a dog from my lines rehomed because they were tearing the house to pieces!   The problem lies squarely in the breeding of those dogs that show the characteristics that the old farmers of the Border Regions where these beautiful animals came from used to cull out. (remove).  

The costs behind the breeding a pup
  • Initial cost of the Breeding Female
  • Cost of upkeep and general care, food, housing, toys, vaccinations
  • Cost of health, not limited to Veterinary Care but including supplements, etc.
  • Cost of testing and maintaining valid current testing results
  • Cost of recreational activities for the female
  • Cost of keeping her safe from transmissible diseases, quarantines, protective fencing
  • Ensuring that she has a stable and healthy productive system to enter into a breeding program
  • **Thousands of hours of research to ensure that her lines are free of know issues
  • **Research done to see that breeders of her ancestors practiced good management practices, such as proper breeding records, knowing for sure where pups originated such as not using multiple males for a single breeding.
  • **Thousands of hours reading and rereading pedigrees for comparisons
  • Making a good connection in the breed associations to develop open communication
  • Costs related to being a member of Breed Associations, keeping current memberships
  • Cost of maintaining registration of all dogs in applicable registries and abiding to the rules of those associations
  • For a breeder owning both the male and female, the rest is pretty simple
  • 2 owned dogs: Keeping records of breeding dates, birth dates, applying for registrations
  • Advertising, selling, pre=sale costs such as Vet check & Vaccinations.
  • Providing pups with food, shelter, safety, interaction.
  • Cleaning up behind dogs & puppies, and this one is a never ending cycle and is a major part of my daily life.
  • Repeat,
  • If both dogs are not owned, then there is more costs involved in looking for correct partner.
  • More testing for both dogs, arrangements for breeding time.
  • Cost for Vets & testing. But generally you know who you do and do not want to breed with.
  • A breeder at this point would usually have a good idea of dogs available in their area.
  • Depending on the specifics of your bloodlines, and the purity level you maintain, that number of available dogs will vary greatly.
  • Cost then might include either a breeding fee or AI fee, along with any Veterinary testing required.

2 New born
Mini BorDoodles

Why does it cost more for a Mini BorDoodle pup
  • Thousands of hours going over breed specific issues and determine problem areas in crosses
  • Thousands more hours than normal to first find the dogs to use in the match
  • Finding the Healthy Male with-in reasonable driving distance or making arrangements for exchange of animals for breeding purposes.
  • Getting Vet checks that both dogs chosen are going to be healthy at time of breeding
  • Again going over pedigree information to ensure that past heritage of animals of both sides are dogs that should have been bred in the first place!
  • Checking for all available genetic testing that would be valid for this breeding purpose.
  • Getting the required, as per your investigations, testing done to ensure that the dogs were neither carriers nor had the possible disease/issue problems that could become a concern for future owners.
  • Spending time and energy going to see prospective dogs after spending hours upon hours on the internet requesting information about those dogs, often repeatedly asking!
  • Taking the female to the vet for blood tests repeatedly at a cost of over $100 each visit, to ensure that she is at the right time for breeding.
  • For Live Artificial Insemination required for this match, ensuring that you both know when she is at the correct point in her cycle
  • Cost of Artificial Insemination! This is not cheap!
  • Getting her to the male at precisely the correct time and having him available for collection at the site of breeding..
  • Live Artificial Insemination involves the use of live sperm (never frozen) and a healthy uterus ready to accept them.
  • It also involves the cooperation of all parties to behave and not get hurt during the process.
  • Then, you repeat the process, several more times over the next few days, as often as possible. (more cost financially)
  • For the conception of this pup, just in monetary terms, is more than the cost asked for one pup in a litter.
We have taken this step for two reasons:

The first is to provide you with the quality pup that fits your personal needs as a loving companion and playmate. 

The second was that we were disillusioned with the Border Collie breeding agenda upheld by many people in Canada.  This being one that is expressing the breeding of dogs for color patterns instead of paying attention to the genetics behind why the Border Collies were culled to remove the very color patterns that are being flaunted and expressly publicized for fashion.  This attraction for certain colors and patterns are bringing into the breed a wealth of health issues and behaviour issues.  This being said, those attributes that I have carefully worked to prevent in the breed are now causing the general public to believe that those are the natural traits of the breed, not those brought in by breeding problem genetics of a known nature through a known avenue.  

Our lines were developed to have the dogs be of a nature that they will not only have their natural instincts for breeding but they will be smart, as in super intelligent.  You know how the commercials say that dogs do not see color?  My dogs, not only see color, but they can pick out the color of ball I ask for on-demand.  If I say find the red ball or the blue ball they will walk past the wrong color of ball and continue to look for the correct one until they find it.   That is smart to the point of intelligence above the young child.  How old is your child before they consistently know their colors?  And also obey until they get the correct toy? And can put away their toys when asked?   The nest thing is their ability to learn to live in a household and exhibit manners.  By this I mean that they do not rip every toy they own to pieces, they do not destroy your furniture, they treat both their own and your belongings with respect.  They do not jump all over the visitors or Grandma.  They do not have to be all over your living furniture and you do not have to move a dog to allow a guest to sit down.  When I have company, I can set the tea & cookies out on a low table and leave them out overnight and BeeJay who was raised indoors from 6 weeks of age, will not touch them.... ever!  She also will not take her own cookie from over-top of her bed off the kennel top.  She does not jump on people and will not bother visitors non-stop for attention until they are frustrated enough not to visit anymore.  There are people who do not necessarily enjoy your dog as much as you do.  It is important that your dog have manners that encompass being a good citizen of the world.  By this I mean, that they should be respectful of other being's space, and be calm and controlled in their manners.  This does not mean you will not have an energetic dog who loves to play or work, but it does mean that you and your dog will be welcome in so many places that you will enjoy your relationship so much more than you could ever imagine!

Now that you see what I expect to have for a dog in my home, you will begin to see what I want out of my lines.  A top herding dog, that could also be a top agiaity dog, or a top service dog or the best friend a little girl or boy ever had, the one that listens to all their secrets, listens to them read, and guards them with their life amd loves them to the bottom of their heart!

The second issue is that the direction of the breeding of Border Collies in Canada for designer colors is bringing into the breed all kinds of health issues that we have not had in the past.  Why?  Because the old breeders culled those dogs!  It is a hard issue for the general public to understand, but in farming, it is understood that the problem genetics have to be eliminated.  If you breed dairy cows, you are not going to keep the lines of a cow that has low milk volume.  This is counterproductive.  You will not have the milk production required to stay in business.  So... the same is with me!  I can not breed dogs with genetic issues that are going to cause my owner to have to deal with expensive veterinary treatments.  So ... I have made the hard choice to take my younger bitch out of circulation in the Border Collie, purebred lines and move to a different venue where I am not dealing with purchasers who want colors of dogs with know genetic issues.  So we have moved to the F1 Toy Poodle x Border Collie cross to minimize health issues with the vitality of the crossbreeding of two genetically sound purebred bloodlines.  To facilitate providing the dog that I felt would be of the highest possible calibre to provide the pup that will fill the need of your family for that well behaved and intelligent addition to your life with the healthy background in its family genetics to ensure that you have the best possible outcomes available with your new addition.

Now, I have done all the work possible to present you with a quality pup, the outcome after this is up to you.  This means that you have to be dedicated to this little bundle of love to ensure that she or he has the degree of quality training and attention to ensure that it's agile mind and body have the stimulation and exercise required to keep it healthy and simulated to be able to be a well behaved and calm companion.  This has to start right now, as you make your decision to make one of my pups a part of your family, you must also decide to dedicate yourself to this pup to be the best owner you can and educate yourself on all aspects of training your dog to love and obey you at all times.  Please remember that this may one day save its' life!  If it is in danger and dos not respond to your command, it could be seriously harmed or killed.

Now that you are probably well overwhelmed with all this, what do you get along with this cuddly little bundle of fur?  Well to start with you get lifetime support from your breeder~ Me~!  You also get a two-year health guarantee that your pup will be free of all testable health issues for the two breeds, or I will replace your pup with a pup of my choosing with the return of your pup.   Also, the pup will have had its' first vaccinations and appropriate worm treatments, with a full veterinary puppy checkup.  Your pup is being raised in my home and I will have been working or it's house training and basics.  It will have been exposed to cats, children, doorbells, and as much of the world as is advisable for a pup of this age.  You will guarantee that until it has reached the point of finishing up with the second set of vaccinations, that the pup will not be exposed to outside dogs (not normally living with you) or other animals.  This includes no trips to the pet store or local dog park or your friend's house to visit their dogs and especially not housed in a community kennel where it could catch kennel cough. If it should be necessary for you in that time period to be away from your pup with out it being kept in its normal home, please discuss this before shipping or pick-up for possible layover kenneling here.  Your pup will also be supplied with all appropriate paperwork such as Veterinary records. 

Another perk from Wall 2 Wall is that we provide each of our pups with their Birth Certificate.  This document helps to prove ownership, provides all pertinent information that you would need for your vet or other caregiver and also if your dog were to be stolen it provides you with proof of ownership having all the necessary records attached to the pup such as it's microchip number.  Each pup leaving my kennel is implanted with an individual identification chip that allows you to ensure that you can identify your pup with a marker that is only able to be surgically removed and that would only be with great difficulty.  This tracking chip is registered with AVID Corporation, a major microchip manufacturer and registry who all Vets, Rescues, and other similar groups contact in the event of a found or apprehended dog to trace the ownership of the dog.  The dog would be traced back to me as the breeder.  I have a network of people across Canada that can be accessed to go and rescue your dog in the event of it being found and turned in in a location away from your home.  Such as if you had a car accident and were unconscious when taken to the hospital and the people who attended you did not realize your dog was travelling with you.  They would have notified me of the dog being found, and I would locate you, and be able to find a way to reunite you with your dog or find someone appropriate to care for the dog until you were released from the hospital.    Alternately, the base registration can be transferred to you for a fee.  If you would like to have the form for the transfer, please remember to ask for one to be signed and forwarded to you.

About us
Where we came from: Raising Border Collies of exquisite 
breeding from champion working lines. 
Preservation Breeding to maintain a part of our 
National Heritage through our dogs.
Where we are going: Border Collie Female from our dedicaed lines, 
bred to a Miniature Poodle for the perfect pet for todays active family.
Our companion project: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies from dedicated lines for 
Preservation Breeding to maintain a part of our National Heritage though our dogs.
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Wall 2 Wall Mini BorDoodles
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