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Wall 2 Wall Border Collies
****Raised Natures Way****
References are available for most areas in Canada.  Please include your address (at least the city/town and province) in your information request.  We strive to include the family in all areas of the pup's development from prior to birth to taking the pup home.  We also give full support for the life of our pups.   All registration process is completed by us with the microchip, first vaccination and Vetrinary check-up done prior to the pick up at six weeks of age.

We have found that the optimum pup in home time for the best success rate is six weeks of age, when the pup has not had any seperation anxiety and is small enough that you can manage any activity and steer them into an appropriate positive activity.  Our pups are raised naturally... starting in an outside "den" and allowing Mom to train them naturally to follow the rules of nature, allowing for the easiest path to house training.

December 2021 Availability

Thank you in advance for your interest in our pups.  If you would like to be on a waiting list for any of our animals, please fill in the information on the contact page of my website.  This allows me to have the information I require to properly contact people who are looking for the pet they desire.  
It is important to list the details that I have asked for such as address, phone, and email, so that I have the best chance of matching you with the pet you desire.  Please also note what you are looking for in a pet such as your personal preferences or requirements.  If you are a renter, please discuss this purchase with your landlord before moving forward to this step.
Thank you!

Hello, from Wall 2 Wall Border Collies.  
I am very sorry but at this time we do not have any plans for Border Collie pups as our dedicated
pair have reached their retirement age and no longer are being used for breeding together, although
Skeet is available to stand at stud.  However, we are breeding their daughter with a
Mini Poodle so will have available a very nice smaller dog with lots of the Border Collie
traits, with our dogs' stellar health and above-average intelligence and positive behaviour
traits.   This cross is with a very adorable minature poodle to produce our new signature line of
Mini BorDoodles.  We have been very happy with this new partnership with another dedicated 
breeder to produce these unique pups.  The first litter were born early this year and are growing and 
developing beautifully.  I hope to have time to post more photos and videos of these adorable little 
critters on my website soon.  If you are interested in being on the waiting list for the next litter of these 
lines please let me know by responding to this email.  If you have any other questions, do not hesitate to 
ask, either by email or by calling me at 204-529-2663.  

I have many photos of the pups while still small on my website but am asking the people who have
the pups to please keep sending me updates so that we can follow their growth.  :) 
Hope this helps in the meantime,.
Lorna  ;)
From Lorna Wall of Wall 2 Wall Border Collies
Wall2Wall Mini Bordoodles  
YouTube Video:      




 Wall 2 Wall BeeJay 
Wall 2 Wall BeeJay

Above all we strive to have a well mannered, calm Border Collie that is easy to handle, works hard but lives comfortably as part of the family.  In this we strive to have an animal that is well behaved with strangers (not licking faces or jumping), sitting to be tied or petted, following basic commands from a young age, not stressed when kenneled or tied, able to travel quietly in a vehicle, and having other basic good manners but also able to do the job efficiently when asked to work, maintaining the instinct and eye pressure to work stock effectively while maintaining self control and focus.  Our pups are handled well so that they associate people with positive interaction at a young age.  We prefer to place a pup by six to eight weeks of age as this provides a better bonding with the new family/owner due to the dependence of the pup.


Shipping can be arranged.  Orders for pups are taken at any time, with notice being given when a litter is expected and after the litter has arrived, pictures sent out. Second Deposits are collected for a guarantee of a specific pup.  We send updated pictures & videos weekly and if close enough encourage visits. A non-refundable deposit of $350 maintains your place on the waiting list and becomes part of your purchase payment.


All pups are microchipped & registered with the Canadian Border Collie Association, in the name of your choosing. They will have a Birth Certificate, first vaccinations & worming treatment plus our training kit. As a Purina Pro Plan Breeder, our pups are also sent home with a puppy kit from Purina.  It contains information on how to sign up for the "My Puppy ProClub" and a folder with information and a place to keep your important puppy files.  Along with coupons for free dog food to get you started, they provide access to the Purina website for advice with information about the stages of your puppies growth and development.  It also contains a small bag of food to get you started with what the pup has been eating here. We include a letter of instruction to assist you with the first few weeks of adjustment based on not recently having a new puppy in the family, with advice to help avoid simple mistakes in early training.  We are here for the life of your pup for support & information.


When pups are born, everyone on the waiting list will be emailed or called with pictures of each pup.  The choosing order is dependent on who pays the deposit first.  To Reserve a specific pup, a deposit of 50% (including the $3350 non-refundable portion) is required and payment in full is due before shipping/pick-up.  {If you choose after the 6th-week mark to not take the pup the deposit is non-refundable}  We accept email transfers, cash or personal check (mailed with enough time to clear before shipping).  We will arrange shipping if required.  All pups will have first shots prior to leaving.  Second shots and rabies are the responsibility of the purchaser.  We prefer to sell to people who have owned a dog previously and are active as all dogs need exercise and attention.

All our pups come with a one-year health guarantee, where if your Veterinarian has found documented proof of a genetic health issue, we will replace your pup with another of our choosing with the return of your current pup.  This guarantee is in place for one year from the date of birth of your pup.  We ask that once you have taken your pup home, when taking the pup for its'' booster vaccination you ask for a complete examination of your pup.  They will have been examined by our Veterinarian when they have their vaccination and worming treatment, just prior to shipping or pick-up.  Shipping for return and replacement are the responsibility of the purchaser.  We strive to ensure that our pups are free of any preventable disease and have selected for the best possible genetic pattern to help limit genetic issues through the conscious selection of tested & healthy animals.  We also follow as many of our pups as possible to track the health of our bloodlines.  To date, we have not seen any specific problems.  As in all animals, there is always an issue of possible responses caused by activities entered into by the family with the dog, or accidents that may cause other issues.  One thing we do ask is that you do not keep your dog in an intense condition waiting to participate in an activity where there would be a lot of noise and activity around but out of the dogs' access, for a prolonged period of time as this may cause a build-up of chemicals (normally not an issue but in large amounts harmful) that may cause the dog to have symptoms like seizures. You can read more about this and other conditions on the PawPrint website which has details on each testable Border Collie genetic profile.  As Skeet is not a carrier for this issue, your pup can not be at risk as it requires a gene from each parent.  But we have seen an issue with dogs under stress... especially those kenneled under a stressful situation... may have an issue with similar-appearing symptoms. 

Please print for your files... no signatures required, "hand shake" valued trust agreement.
NOTE:  Remember to keep pup away from strange dogs until he/she is past second vaccination.
NO visitors with thier pets. NO Puppy Parks. NO visits to your relatives or friends until he/she is safely vaccinated for the second time.  Remember, it is your responsibility to keep puppy safe from possible exposure to virus or bacteria that could hurt or infect him/her.  ONLY his family of people and animals can be around him/her until he/she has the needed immunity to protect his/her health.  We have done what we can by breeding healthy pups from health tested parents... you have to do your part to keep them safe~!  :)  
About us
Where we came from: Raising Border Collies of exquisite 
breeding from champion working lines. 
Preservation Breeding to maintain a part of our 
National Heritage through our dogs.
Where we are going: Border Collie Female from our dedicaed lines, 
bred to a Miniature Poodle for the perfect pet for todays active family.
Our companion project: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppies from dedicated lines for 
Preservation Breeding to maintain a part of our National Heritage though our dogs.
Contact us
Wall 2 Wall Border Collies & Mini BorDoodles
Box 184
250 Gimby Street
Cartwright Manitoba R0K 0L0
Wall 2 Wall Mini BorDoodles
Collin Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
Lorna Wall
250 Gimby Street  Box 184
Cartwright, Manitoba,
Canada R0K 0L0 

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