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Kit  (Aug 12 2007) NOT FOR SALE

DECEASED  Kit  (Dec 31 2008)
     Kit was a very hard working trial and ranch dog until after several issue from cows (broke her hip) she retired to our sheep, where she could still be relied on to herd what ever there was that needed "rounding up." She continued to trial with us and taught us how to be good Border Collie masters.      Kit was so intent to work that she would not stop to whelp (having a pup on the way to the field... when we were going out to work but not intending for her to join us... she decided we should have her help regardless!)  or even with the large Livestock Guardian Dogs bothering her while she was busy doing her job (while she was in heat.. if they were trying to sniff at her she would turn on them and nip their noses... despite the difference in size and the fact that even one of them could kill her in a minute),  our Kit was always the top dog on our ranch... right up to the end after she had suffered a stroke at more than 12 years of age.
     Other than arthritis from the injuries inflicted by range cows in her early life, Kit had no health issues and was working after she was more than 10 years of age.  (remember this is a dog that would have been expected on a very large ranch to run miles every hour though rough bush with cows and calves that are used to fighting with wolves and coyotes and would not think twice to take out a dog.)  Despite not being expected to work like this for us, she was always willing and able.  
     We gave Kit the  
Cetyl*M  formula for her arthritis after she was about 10 yrs old & was not wanting to run with the other dogs any more, & after about 2 weeks she began to chase the quad with the other dogs for their daily exercise & was soon back to running 3 miles on her own where she previously changed to staying behind in the yard.  This formula gave her 3 more happy years with out pain in her hip.  [Note:  we were not told that she had had any major injuries when we purchased her.  !!  lesson here is ask about all the details of any dog's life and medical records before you purchase  !!]  In hind site we probably would have still purchased her for all the things that she taught us and the things she brought to our life.  
     ​Kit taught us about herding, dog handling, trialing, trust, dedication, acceptance and love.  This was a "kennel" or ranch dog that grew to love my husband as only a devoted dog and master can connect.
     Kit was the kind of dog who knew so much and was so highly trained that she could herd with any person.  She even competed with children as the handler.
     Kit was a very strong eyed dog, to the point that she could not understand when she tangled with a blind sheep that would not move!   She just knew that when she stared down any animal, it would give before she did.
     Kit had the ability to understand and accept, if you sent her back out by stopping her in the field and gave her a Look-back command) that she would return where she had already gathered to pick up what ever animals were missing, as well as the ability to be told to Leave-it, which is used when you have a ewe with a new lamb that you want to be left alone when you are bringing in the other 200 ewes.  Both of these commands require an extra level of training and understanding by the dog which is not actually as common as you might think.
     Kit and her "litter" mates for years were considered the top dogs in competition and the lines were in demand for heavy ranch work in Manitoba & Saskatchewan.  Many top trial dogs have her parents in the pedigree.




Diamond T Border Collies  

Dewormed & nails clipped every 2 weeks and 1st shots. 

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Note:  We can not guarantee the temperament or instinct of any of the pups not from our own kennel as we do not have control of/or ownership of the dogs used in the breeding programs, but we ensure to the best of our knowledge that they will be high caliber pups from the animals of our lines or kennels of a similar caliber.  We only allow the promotion of litters of pups with breeding matches that we our selves would approve of for a pup coming into our home from working lines with demonstrated instinct traits and no medical issues (proven clear by parentage)


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