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In the dog world the accomplishments of our companions, no matter how small, are all important but every once in a while we really need to brag about some of our pups’ accomplishments and this is the place to showcase just how proud we are of them and their companions/trainers/family!  

This is a just a few of the highlights of the accomplishments of our pups in their chosen occupations.

Pro-Novice Competitor

BC's 2016

Pro-Novice Arena

Champion Dog of

the Year!

Congratulations Jennifer & Abby! for your tied winning of the overall Pro-Novice Arena Champion for the Stirling Acres Winter Series.  Abby is competing in the 2016 Nursery Classes with her trainer/owner Jennifer of the JLM Border Collies.

W2W Abby
Pro-Novice Competitor
BC's 2016 Pro-Novice Arena Champion Dog of the Year!



      From being a very nervous dog being around other dogs, decided to give me all her attention & run like a pro at the 2015 Agility Nationals, taking on some really great teams.

"Star" ran all 6 rounds clean & finished on the podium 4th!   So proud of this girl.... she is my  Star.     August 2015
           ðŸ¾ðŸ¾ðŸ¾                    Skeet x Meg 2010

Hi. I just thought I'd tell you that Barkley finished his first obedience class last Thursday and started his Agility classes on Saturday. He LOVED it! He's so quick to learn and just loves to pick up new things! He follows me around always wanting to train and play🐾🐾🐾

In another 6 months or so I'm going to get him into herding classes because he has a clear natural calling! Every time we go to the dog park he has all the other dogs and people organized into a circle in about 3 minutes flat!   
I hope you're doing well!
Skeet x Nell  {March 2016}

Tweed (2011)  training with
Search &  Rescue

Skeet x Kit 2010

         Abby is BeeJay's litter mate
& part of the kennel of JLM Border Collies from British Columbia        January, 2016:  Abby won the Pro-Novice class. In the 4 trials she has placed 3rd, 2nd twice, and now first!  She is leading the series in points for Pro-Novice and hopefully I can handle her well in the last 2 trials so she can win the Pro-Novice High-point Championship! She is working really well.  I look forward to running her in Nursery this Year.  She will be very competitive.  Last year I took her to 2 Nursery Field trials. The first one she was too young and a bit over her head.  The outrun was over 250 yards.  She learned from it though and the next trial I took her to she won the Nursery class on the second day.  This year she will be 2.5 years old and a little more mature. { Comments by Jennifer, Abby's owner & trainer }    
          Skeet x Nell  {September 2013}

W2W Abby 
Pro-Novice Competitor 

BC's 2016 Pro-Novice Arena Champion Dog of the Year!

Abby won the Pro-Novice class again this last Saturday at the winter arena trial. 2nd last trial in the series and Abby now has back to back wins!  One more trial to go and if she stays in the top 3 she should easily win the Pro-Novice overall championship! She is looking pretty good these days { Comments by Jennifer, Abby's owner & trainer }  February, 2016 
         Skeet x Nell  {September 2013}

at the park with us on her holiday from her [working stock dog] ranch home.  She had a fun time with Mom & siblings in August 2017.

at her new home.  She is 9 weeks and 4 days old or 67 days...   This is what she has already accomplished... in just trying to keep her busy.
😊 ðŸ¾ 🐾 ðŸ¶  Thank You to Kenzie's family for sharing this video with us and allowing us to share it with you!
Skeet x Nell  {October 2016}




Our Cancer Care Team
This trio are dedicated to caring for their Cancer Survivors, they assisted with their recuperation, and provide support in the form of comfort, entertainment, encourage activity and interaction, work as a tool for family members to gauge the health & daily well being of their owner through their actions.  These dogs can also, on their down time, go assist with working cows, agility, play with the kids or generally any other activity you could think of.  They are first bonded to the person needing them most, then as a secondary activity may be trained in what ever is available to them to participate in.  Intelligent and intuitive, they are the perfect match for ensuring the health and well being of the “center of their universe”  while being an enjoyable part of the rest of the family.


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