Wall 2 Wall Border Collies   { BeeJay x Jack }

Announcing the arrival of Litter #1 !  December 26th, 2016

Price for a pup from this litter is $1500.oo

 Pictures and Pedigree of Jack & BeeJay on BeeJay's page as well.
[SOLD]  RedCollar [SOLD]   BlueCollar


Sire Jack: At 2 years of age at Del-O-Way Farms working cattle:





I will load lots of extra pictures on Facebook in the album sections so you can download pictures of your pup.  If there are pictures that you want and are not able to download or save, just let me know and I will try to email the ones you would like to have.        

Also if you subscribe to our YouTube you can watch or down load any of your puppies videos that you would like as well.  If there is one of these as well that your are unable to access to save from there, just let me know so I can try to send it to you.      Lorna

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#BJ & Jack puppies being born

It will NOW also you take you through the play list for the pups  :) 


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playing :)  

#BJ & Jack puppies being born

Male A

Male B

Wiser Sold 


Male B

Male A 
Male A
Male A

Jack {CBCA 11085 = ISDS 31516}

Jack pedigree {click to enlarge}

A note to our new puppy owners:  You can click and save any of the pictures on our website for your puppies future photo albums.   Also you can down load any of your pup's youtube videos
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Litter 1       DOBDecember 26, 2016       BeeJay x Jack

We notify the people on the waiting list as soon as the pups have arrived,

you can choose a pup and reserve it with the remainder of your deposit at that time.
We attempt to send updates, pictures and videos weekly to everyone and 

engage you fully in the life of your new pup from the very first day.

"Socializing isn't just about showing new things to a puppy. We need to take care of what the puppy is feeling in the moment, making sure that he or she can "win" in the challenge presented and ends up with a positive feeling about the new encounter."

Busy skate parks are a great place to expose your pups to the erratic noises of skateboarders and loud kids. Walk the perimeter of the park at a distance on a short lead. Use words of positive reinforcement and circle closer, stopping at times when needed. 
With enough exposure, your dog will become at ease and more curious than skittish at loud and unexpected noises. Take time, do it early and often. Pays in the long run for a calmer dog, particularly with BCs.

In the early days walk your pup in a place where you can see incoming dog traffic from afar . Try to assess the demeanour of every dog from a distance . Only put in front of your puppy those you estimate to be stable . 

 As time goes on and you become more assured of your pups confidence you can allow them to meet the other dogs. Control everything.

Control everything.

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He is your friend, your partner, your defender, your dog. You are his life, his love, his leader. 
He will be yours, faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart. You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion.' 

-- Author Unknown