Wall 2 Wall Border Collies

W2W BeeJay  CBCA 11051
DOB:  September 22nd, 2013

Our entertaining and sweet little girl BeeJay, is an integral part of our family and constant source of entertainment.  

BeeJay's sole purpose in life is to be the constant companion to Pete and is serving as his service dog.  She has a very large vocabulary and understands many commands.  She has very nice manners and good behavior. Despite being loose in the house, she does not ever put her feet up on the counters, chew things that are not hers, does not even tear apart toys, and can be trusted to leave food left out alone.  She understands boundaries and does not require a lot of correction.  
Pete once commented on our lack of perimeter fence, that our dogs know the smell of our lawn mower and do not pass onto the area that is not cut by it, which must be true, as our dogs do stay with in our yard with out any actual physical barriers.  They were not taught this but merely acted on it when we moved here.
Despite not having access to stock for training, BeeJay has a strong prey drive, and shows instinct as befits her bloodlines.  Her litter mate Abby is winning trials in BC, showing what is possible under the right trainer.  She does enjoy herding us, the cat and just about anything that will suffice.  She has a very strong eye and shows no fear of any stock.
#BJ & Jack puppies being born      YouTube video of pups being born.... watch for updates routinely.  Here, on Face Book and videos on YouTube!
BJ & Jack are proud to announce the arrival of our latest litter.  Born Boxing Day, December 26, 2016.  Six males! :)  Please call now to reserve your pup & avoid dissapointment!   


BeeJay's YouTube Play list for videos.
Follow the life of our Nell x Skeet pup to see what stages and sizes your pup will go through

YouTube Playlist
BeeJay and the Penguin
Happy Feet Dance

More BJ YouTube Videos
OFA hips & Elbows
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BeeJay CBCA 11051 Registration [for PDF version, please request by email]   


BeeJay, Penopelope and Calico

BeeJay and some of her brothers & sisters
getting ready to go to their new homes.




BeeJay CBCA~11051 & Jack ISDS~311516  

Litter 1  coming soon!  Expected date of delivery is Christmas time of 2016

We currently do not have a waiting list for this litter but if you are interested, drop us a note and as soon as there is confirmation of this litter being on the way we will let you know. 

The Price for a 6 week old pup from this litter will be $1500.oo 






Pro-Novice Competitor
BC's 2016 Pro-Novice Arena Champion Dog of the Year!

Abby is BeeJay's litter mate and part of the kennel of JLM Border Collies from British Columbia.

January, 2016
    Abby won the Pro-Novice class. In the 4 trials she has placed 3rd, 2nd twice, and now first!  She is leading the series in points for Pro-Novice and hopefully I can handle her well in the last 2 trials so she can win the Pro-Novice High-point Championship! She is working really well.  I look forward to running her in Nursery this Year.  She will be very competitive.  Last year I took her to 2 Nursery Field trials. The first one she was too young and a bit over her head.  The outrun was over 250 yards.  She learned from it though and the next trial I took her to she won the Nursery class on the second day.  This year she will be 2.5 years old and a little more mature. 
{ Comments by Jennifer, Abby's owner & trainer }

February, 2016
   Abby won the Pro-Novice class again this last Saturday at the winter arena trial. 2nd last trial in the series and Abby now has back to back wins!  One more trial to go and if she stays in the top 3 she should easily win the Pro-Novice overall championship! She is looking pretty good these days!  { Comments by Jennifer, Abby's owner & trainer }

On Friday, May 20, 2016 8:20 AM, "genetest@optigen.com" wrote:
DNA Test Completed May 20, 2016
Owner's Name and Address: Jennifer L Macdonnell ​3345 Bulman Rd Kelowna,, British Columbia V1X 7V1 
Registered Name: W2W Abby
Registration #: CBCA11050
Tattoo/Chip #: 152035021A
Call Name: Abby
Breed: Border Collie
Date of Birth: September 22, 2013
Gender: Female
Optigen Accession #: 16-3977
Test Performed: CEA/CH test
Sample Type: Blood
Test Results: Genotype of your dog is NORMAL/CLEAR. Risk for developing Collie Eye Anomaly/Choroidal Hypoplasia (CEA/CH): This dog will never develop CEA/CH
Significance for breeding: This dog can be bred to any mate and will produce no pups affected with CEA/CH.      This interpretation is based on the test result of the DNA test for the specific mutation identified as causing CEA/CH in Border Collies as of the date on this report.
For further information, please consult the OptiGen website (truncated)




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